How We Do It

GALA is an association of jurists who provide legal aid and advocate for the public interest in developing countries.

According to the UNDP’s report Making the Law Work for Everyone, some 4 billion people globally do not have access the judicial system or to legal services due to poverty.

Effectively, the poor do not have rights.

GALA is a network which supports lawyers and advocacy organizations that advocate for human rights, consumer rights (primarily access to essential services, safe food and medicines) and environmental protection issues can apply to join GALA as a GALA Partner.  The initial GALA partners are all advocates who have worked with GALA’s founder, Jami Solli on international development and consumer rights projects over the last 5-10 years.

GALA partners are primarily in developing countries, and are profiled with their contact information and qualifications and practice areas.

GALA partners submit cases for publication.  Cases reflect an access to justice problem; whereby a client or community has experienced harm and there is no appropriate government regulatory response or redress.  Cases are selected by the GALA partners because of the importance to the client, the community and rule of law.

Only GALA partners and their clients know what legal issues are important to the communities they represent.

GALA promotes its partners’ cases to other persons interested in social justice and it accepts donations for cases through its online donation app.

GALA will publish an accounting and use of all funds and is committed to transparency.  It may occur that more funds are received than required for a particular case.  Should this occur, the donor(s) will be contacted and be given the option of receiving a refund or authorizing the reallocation of funds to another GALA case.

GALA will also facilitate the linkage between the legal professionals, coordinating an introduction and  exchange of information on cases and strategy.

GALA is a non profit entity registered in North Carolina.  It is applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the US IRS.

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