Anti-human Trafficking

You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.

-William Wilberforce

Human trafficking disproportionally affects poor women and children.

GALA began an advocacy campaign in 2015 to assist one Ugandan woman trafficked to Kuwait and subsequently imprisoned with her newborn baby girl.  It is illegal to get pregnant out of wedlock in Kuwait, and thus the victim was sentenced to 5 years in jail with her stateless baby.  There is no Ugandan consulate in Kuwait, and our appeals to the neighboring consulate in Saudi Arabia fell on deaf ears.

GALA advocated for this woman’s release, and the Amir of Kuwait subsequently granted the victim a (pregnancy?) pardon, and she was summarily deported to Uganda with her child.

This minor accomplishment involved the work of at least five advocacy organizations, including GALA working together.  But, the success represents a drop in the slavery and human trafficking ocean.

There are thousands of persons trafficked to the Gulf region from Asia and from Africa.  And, thousands trafficked from Africa and E. Europe to W. Europe.  This year alone some 3,600 Nigerian women have already been trafficked into Italy by sea per the IOM.  80% or more of these young women and girls will end up prostituted alongside the highways and lonely country roads in Italy.  Some 5,000 children have ‘gone missing’ from detention centers in Italia.  How do you ‘lose’ 5,000 kids?  The traffickers know.

GALA has roots in Italy, which is both a transit and destination country for trafficking, and we will start an initiative in Italy to provide legal aid for the victims of trafficking, who are predominantly Eastern European and Nigerian women forced into prostitution.

We will also work with corporations which have a real commitment to humanity in order to create a skills training and jobs placement programme for the victims.

The initiative will commence in November of 2017 with an anti human trafficking conference in Rome, and the launch of the Global Contract with Humanity, which is the pledge on behalf of corporations to provide victims of trafficking with skills training and jobs.

GALA will provide the victims who want to remain in Italy with legal aid to obtain visas and work authorization through a network of  pro bono legal assistance providers.

The Global Contract with Humanity will afford small, medium and large corporations with a menu of options to support the victims of trafficking; in addition to pledging jobs.

The conference will take place in Rome, Italy from November 4 – 6th and will be held at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS).  We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with PASS to combat trafficking.  

Please contact for further information.

The conference agenda will be published here within the next few weeks as well as the Global Contract with Humanity.