Environmental Justice

The fate of the planet determines the fate of the human race.

GALA is therefore plunging into environmental justice through advocacy to block phosphate drilling off the coast of Namibia; which could potentially impact the Angolan as well as South African coastal waters.

No credible environmental impact study has been done, and the risk of irreversible damage to the eco-sphere is immense.  No amount of money can buy back clean oceans filled with living creatures.

GALA is therefore supporting the Namibia Consumers Trust (NCT) in its efforts to convince Government of Namibia that international and domestic law dictate the application of the precautionary principle which mandates a moratorium on drilling, dredging and degrading the deep seas until such time as thorough, complete research demonstrates that there is no risk of harm to the environment through proposed dredging.

The law firm of ReedSmith LLP and Emmanuel Shepard, a lawyer with 3VB in London have provided pro bono legal research support to GALA and NCT on this matter.

Stay tuned for more updates on this case.