Prison Reform

GALA has an ongoing project in the E. Caribbean comparing the legal frameworks in the region to the reality for the incarcerated.  In Grenada, we have also conducted a prison assessment (results have not been made public), but they do not meet the generally accepted UN Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Prisoners.

A step towards prison reform in Grenada

The prison facilities are hundreds of years old and are over crowded.  GALA has started a fundraising campaign dedicated to improving the prison structure and funding legal aid for the inmates; an estimated one-half are there on remand, and thus technically innocent.

In July of 2016, GALA sponsored a jazz concert inside the Richmond Hill Prison to emphasize that human rights are not checked at the door once one is incarcerated.

We will organize a follow up concert with more musicians in 2017, negotiating a percentage from the sale of their music proceeds to be donated to the prison’s structural improvements.