The Namibia Consumer Trust is a not for profit, non-governmental organisation with a mandate of educating consumers on their rights and conducting related advocacy campaigns to ensure that consumer rights are respected. In this regard, the organisation has conducted country wide grassroots consumer education. and successfully utilizes print and electronic media, appearing regularly in domestic articles and on TV and radio.  NCT also makes regular physical visits to the regions around the country to stay apprised of issues impacting consumers, and to know their concerns.

The NCT is also beginning to handle consumer complaints on a variety of issues stemming from poor quality goods, services and inappropriate market conduct.

It is a member of Consumers International and collaborates with other CI members in the SADC region to share consumer advocacy information and strategies, particularly on cross border, anti competitive conduct.

Currently, NCT is also engaged on the issue of food safety and appropriate food labeling particularly with regard to the presence of genetically modified organisms.  It has conducted testing on maize meal and various meat products sold in the marketplace to verify content & labeling.  Results have been disconcerting, and NCT is advocating for related biosafety regulations to be passed and enforced by government.

Further, the NCT is participating in an industry wide initiative on financial services literacy and consumer protection.  The NCT is also a strong advocate for fair trade and more competition in the marketplace, including most recently in the telecom sector.

Physical Address:

Erf. 42, Okuryangava

Ondoto St.

Windhoek, Namibia