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FairTrade Coffee

GALA sells fair trade certified, Arabic coffee grown in Uganda by a small holder farmers’ cooperative in Mbale, Uganda.  Farmers are Christians and Muslims working side by side.

The coffee beans are imported and roasted by Thanksgiving Coffee of California, which has been supporting coffee growers in developing countries for decades.

Buying GALA’s branded coffee will help us to support access to justice for the poor in Uganda and help legal aid to be a reality for the poor.

You can purchase dark and light roast coffee online at the Thanksgiving Coffee store, and twenty-five percent of the sale price is donated to GALA by Thanksgiving Coffee.

100% of that donation supports access to justice in Uganda, in particular GALA’s advocacy work for thousands of the poor who were scammed by a fake micro finance bank.


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Coming Soon!

GALA is negotiating with various Italian wine producers to create a co-branded GALA wine for sale to support advocacy for victims of human trafficking in Italy.

Victims are primarily females from Eastern Europe and West Africa who are forced into sexual slavery.

GALA will host a conference on this theme in May of 2017 in Rome, followed by the inception of legal aid for the victims who are eligible for visas to remain and work in Italy if they choose to do so.

GALA will provide legal aid to the victims and create decent work opportunities for the victims.

The sale of GALA’s co-branded wine will be used to fund our initiatives to assist the trafficking victims.