GALA supports access to legal aid and has ongoing work in Grenada and in Italy (for those incarcerated without trial and for victims of human trafficking); it is also advocating for prison reform in the E. Caribbean;  for debt relief of the over indebted; including an end to debtor incarcerations and is engaged in a multi stakeholder project to combat ponzi schemes and financial fraud on consumers; particularly in developing countries.

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GALA is working to organize courses for jurists on issues related to law & sustainable development.  Stay tuned for more on this during 2017.

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In November of 2017, GALA will co-host an anti human trafficking conference together with the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) in Italy to discuss how international collaborations can be improved to prevent and combat trafficking and the best practices in resettlement of victims; including legal aid and obtaining compensation for victims.

GALA also proposes to launch a Global Compact for Humanity:  a means for corporations to pledge jobs, skills training and other support for victims of human trafficking.

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Legal Aid

Legal aid is an essential component of access to justice. GALA recognizes that the vast majority of the population cannot afford legal services or court filing fees. Thus, it is working to provide legal aid in several of its ongoing projects.

Prison Reform

Prison reform is needed in most countries, but prioritized in very few. GALA is working on this issue in the E. Caribbean and in particular in Grenada where it has organized music concerts to raise awareness of the human rights of inmates, and the need for structural repairs at the Richmond Hill Prison.

Anti-human Trafficking

GALA will begin work to provide legal aid and access to decent jobs for victims of human trafficking in Italy in 2017.

Environmental Justice

Sustainable development often means postponing immediate and immense profits in favor of protecting human, animal and plant life on Earth. GALA is currently advocating for the application of the precautionary principle in Namibia vis-à-vis proposed phosphate dredging.

Debt Relief

The right to a debt exit strategy is guaranteed to companies by law; GALA believes that individuals should be afforded the same right.

Fighting Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is all the more devastating when perpetrated on the poor. GALA is coordinating a global multi stakeholder fraud prevention programme.


You can get involved with GALA by buying Fair Trade products from countries where GALA has ongoing public interest advocacy actions.  At present, we sell delicious fair trade coffee from Mbale, Uganda (imported/roasted by Thanksgiving Coffee.  Purchase GALA Coffee

GALA is not currently accepting new legal cases, but if you have an issue with which you need assistance, feel free to write and we will try to connect you with pro bono legal assistance through our network.

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